Two Methods of Drying Instant Noodles: Microwave Drying or Hot Air Drying

 Drying Instant Noodle with Hot Air Drying Machine

       ● Long drying time and different gelatinization degree

  Noodles conduct the heat from the surface to the inside. So it needs long time to dry instant noodles. The heat conduction from the noodles’ surface to the inside causes the different gelatinization degree.

  ● Poor rehydration and bad taste & color

  The long time drying leads to the compact structure of instant noodles so it has poor rehydration. This takes long time to soak it by boiling in water. So the instant noodles have bad taste.

  ● Influence the packaging and shelf life

  The long drying time results in the volume shrinkage and the irregular shape which can easily pierce the package bag and influence the shelf life of pasta.

  ● High cost of hot air dryer, difficult control of microorganisms.drying oven


The Features of Industrial Microwave Dryer for Instant Noodles

◆ The short drying time, the consistent gelatinization degree, high thermal efficiency

  The instant noodles absorb the microwave energy both inside and outside so they can be dried evenly within very short time and can ensure the consistent gelatinization degree. And the thermal efficiency is highly increased because it does not need to conduct the heat from the outside of the pasta to the inside.

  ◆ The good rehydration, the original nutrition and taste

  The instant noodles are dried by microwave within an very short time by low temperature so they have good rehydration. It not only keeps the traditional flavor of pasta but also resists boiling and maintains the original nutrition.

  ◆ Easy to control and operate, labor-saving

  The industrial microwave drying equipment for instant noodles is controlled by PLC system, equipped with unique transmission device that the Upstream and downstream are seamlessly docked. So it can realize the assembly line work.


how to dry noodles


  ◆ Have the function of sterilizing, extend the shelf life

  The microwave heating has the functions of drying and sterilization so the instant noodles can keep the original nutrition and extend the shelf life.

  ◆ Especially designed

  Our company produces the microwave drying equipment for instant noodles according to the traditional drying methods’disadvantages of long drying time and high energy saving. The microwave drying equipment for cup noodles has manifested its incomparable advantages. If you have any question or you are interested in our products, please contact us when you feel free.

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