Industrial Smoke Oven

For mainly smoked meat and fish products process

work with you to determine the best smoke oven for your application

Industrial Smoke Oven

According to the smoking method, the smoked stove can be divided into hot smoked, cold smoked and hot and cold smoked stoves. The hot smoked process includes the functions of cooking, drying, smoking and coloring, mainly used for meat and fish. The smoking process of products and soy products. Generally, steam, electricity, etc. are used to provide a heating heat source.
Cold smoke is generally used for foods such as salmon, squid, and cheese. The cold-smoked process includes low-temperature, odor, and coloring functions. Cold smoke does not make the food ripe and maintain its original state, but it has a smoky flavor. This device is suitable for foods that require low temperature smoking.
The hot and cold smoked stove has the functions of hot smoke and cold smoke. We can choose the corresponding processing according to our own food smoking process.

about 50kg/h per batch

To design machinery tailored to the type and quantity of material you need smoking

We will work with you to determine the best machine for your application while considering your:

Production methods
Production temperatures
Space requirements
Utilities available
Capital and operational costs

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