Industrial Flash Dryer

New,high and efficiency fluidized drying equipment

for drying damp and sticky filter cake and paste materials in chemical and food industry. 

Industrial Food Spin Flash Dryer

Spin Flash Dryer is a continuous flash drying equipment specially designed for shaped cake, cream paste, paste slurry materials. Clean heat medium goes into the drying room from the tangent direction, form a strong rotary vortex air current together with mechanical mixer. Wet material has been added to the drying room in a fix quantity, and stir in the vortex of air currents were crushed under dry. Drying room at the top with particle size classification, the fine powder discharged from the top of the tower from the back of the separator to collect the product into larger particles return to the drying room, continue to be crushed, and dry.

Evaporation capacity from about 60 kg up to about 400kg one hour

Possibility of semi-industrial and laboratory drying tests of your products

In this way we offer you the possibility to make your choice for more appropriate technology and the one more suited to your productive needs. At the same time, the technical staff of Great Machinery obtains the useful information to carry out the correct sizing of the system.

Tests are always followed by our skilled technical staff with:

         final report at the end of the test

         possibility of taking and analyzing product samples

         possibility to change the process parameters during the test

Which dryer best suits to your needs?

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Great Machinery is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of drying eruipment.
Customised based on the application and customer’s production requirements. The highest quality levels with total respect for the environment and in compliance with the newest international standards. This has been our mission for more than 15 years. specific services support you in the phase of choice, installation and commissioning of the most appropriate technologies.


Semi-industrial and laboratory drying tests of your products


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