Hot air dryer dryer drying equipment features

A wide variety of drying equipment and their own use are also a feature of drying technology.Each technology has its own field of application.

In engineering practice, the type of drying technology to be applied should be selected according to the specific situation.

This will have a major impact on investment costs, operating costs, product quality, environmental requirements and other aspects.

For example, in a certain enterprise, three types of box drying, spray drying and rapid drying of rotary air flow have been used in the drying of white carbon black filter cake.

The end result proves that each of these three technologies has its own strengths.The box-type drying production of white carbon black has good production efficiency and high labor intensity, but the product quality is good.

The product produced after kneading with rubber has a high breaking strength value.Rotating airflow rapid drying equipment is compact, low investment, high production efficiency, but the strength index of the rubber products produced is the worst among the three.

Spray drying produces white carbon black. The products are in the middle of the three indicators, but have good product fluidity and low dust pollution, which is very popular among users and operators.

In the 1990s, the question of which drying method was more advanced in the production of white carbon black had caused controversy in the dry world of China.

In fact, each of the three types of equipment has its own characteristics. Which type of machine is selected depends on the user’s own conditions and product requirements.

There is no conclusion that any technology is more advanced.There are many similar examples that show the wide variety of drying equipment and their own use.

Therefore, in the application, it is necessary to carefully compare and carefully select the technical solution, and it is also an indispensable step to evaluate the technical solution through the drying experiment.

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