Customized Fluid Bed Dryer

Smoothing in running and convenient in maintenance. 

Low noise and the service long life service.

Fluid Bed dryer with drying, crushing, screening

Designed to dry wet flowing powders from filtration and drying processes flash dryer is ideal for the production of

active pharmaceutical ingredients, fine chemicals and intermediates.



Fine Chemicals



Plastic & rubber

Forget conventional dryers: this is a whole other planet

The vibrate fluid bed dryer drying time is short, only takes about 6 minutes for the whole drying process, the general effective ingredients will not be destroyed. It’s adjustable weir plate is set at the discharge port, by adjusting the height of the weir plate, you can control stayed drying time of the material so as to make sure that final water content of materials meets the requirements .Its perforated plate adopts back pressure process to ensure flatness of perforated plate, to avoid the deadline in the process of material running. There are multiple wind inlet to the lower bed, so that the hot air through the material layer is more uniform.

Main features

The fluidization is uniform and stable, and there is no dead angle, and a uniform drying, cooling and humidifying product can be obtained.
The vibration source is a vibration motor, which is stable in operation, convenient in maintenance, low in noise, and long in equipment life.
Good adjustability, the thickness of the layer and the time the material stays in the chamber and the amplitude change of the machine can be steplessly adjusted within the design range.
Adapt to the wide surface, can adapt to different specific gravity, particle size, water content, water-containing materials
It has little damage to the surface of the material and can be used for the drying of fragile materials. The material particles are irregular and the working effect is not affected.
Clean working environment for continuous operation
The heating method is direct heating, high thermal efficiency, good energy saving effect, and energy saving more than 30% than general drying device

Why choose our fluid bed dryer

Hold up free

Zero friction

Controlled final grain size

Maximum ease of cleaning

Reduced energy consumption

Easy disassembly of internal parts

High final values

Reduced drying times

Total system automation


Our experts are on hand to help with the ideal configuration of your system!

fluid bed dryer
fluid bed dryer


When I bought the fluid bed dryer, I found many manufacturers in China. But Great gave me the best suggestions for the machine, I don't need to worry about the operation of the equipment at all, they provide me with good training services.
Adam Sendler
Food Industry
I have bought vibrating fluid bed dryer for more than 3 years. At present, the machine is very stable and efficient, which has generated a lot of income for me. I recommend you to choose GREAT, you can get the machine you are satisfied with.
Mila Kunis
I have bought a lot of machines from here. The machines are not only of good quality and good price. I also care more about their service. In this regard, GREAT has never let me down. I am very happy to cooperate with GREAT, they are trust worthy.
Mike Stuart

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