Great Spin Flash Dryer

XSG Series Revolving Flash Vaporization Dryer is a new model of drying equipment. It is represents advanced technology,compact structure and wide application.

It has a large production capacity with high quality,less energy consuming and non-pollution.Processes of drying,crushing and sieving complete in the same equipment once.

Spin flash dryer with drying, crushing, screening

Designed to dry wet flowing powders from filtration and drying processes flash dryer is ideal for the production of

active pharmaceutical ingredients, fine chemicals and intermediates.



Fine Chemicals



Plastic & rubber

Forget conventional dryers: this is a whole other planet

XSG series rotary flash dryer is a tangential hot air into the bottom of the dryer, driven by the agitator to form a powerful rotating wind field. Paste material enters the dryer from the screw feeder. Under the strong action of the high-speed rotating stirring blade, the material is dispersed under the action of impact, friction and shearing force. The block material is quickly crushed, fully contacted with hot air, and heated, dry.

Why choose our flash dryer

Hold up free

Zero friction

Controlled final grain size

Maximum ease of cleaning

Reduced energy consumption

Easy disassembly of internal parts

High final values

Reduced drying times

Total system automation


Main features

From laboratory to installation, our pilot plant


Our patented Spin Flash plant features an inverted cone for high velocity air inlet at the base of the drying chambers preventing risk of product built-up. This unique technique has proven to be the customer-preferred method of drying paste in the industrial sector.

State-of-the-art automation systems are available for the Spin Flash drying plants, enabling fully automatic control, process optimization, data logging, traceability, and maintenance scheduling.

Our experts are on hand to help with the ideal configuration of your system!

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