Service guarantee

GREAT company service system

20 employees for pre-sales service team, 10 employees for orders processing service team and 25 employees for after-sales service team. The entire service process is in full accordance with international standards ISO2000.

Service system team members are bachelor degree or above, focusing on machinery, electrical appliances, industrial and other professionals, and have a wealth of design, manufacturing and operation experience in food processing, fruit and vegetable processing, agricultural and sideline products processing, medicine processing, chemical materials drying treatment.

GREAT service system team is your preferred equipment consultant. Any question, call or e-mail us, we will be patient to answer your questions.

Project R & D results

Pre-sales service team

This is a group of young, dynamic and energetic team, they love the company and the company's products, are warm and thoughtful to customers and patiently listen carefully to the user's request and give a more optimal proposal so that customers can achieve worry, effort and time saving, Cooperate with us , you can rest assured.

Project R & D results

Engineering design during sales

Our engineers have rich experience of materials production and processing and can develop a realistic design based on the plant and investment conditions different of users, and "one to one" service is achivable.

In the latter stage, engineering designers will also come to the user site, listen to their criticism, constantly improve our design and strive to provide perfect answer for all levels of users.

Great scientific research center

After-sales service team

After-sales service team engineers have been working in the production line for many years, they are not only very familiar with the company's products, but also familiar with on-site equipment operation, they are protectors of "worry-free machine " for users.