After - sales service guarante

GREAT company after-sale service team now has 25 engineers-service electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and installation engineers, providing 24 hours online services, mainly including:

1,installation and commissioning services.

2, training services for use of the equipment and operation instruction.

3, regular inspection services.

4, general maintenance and emergency maintenance services.

Installation guide and commissioning

Installation Instructions

After the equipment is shipped out of the factory, we provide our customers with complete equipment installation instruction manuals and operation specification documents equipped with detailed equipment pictures and operation video. Users can install and use according to the manual and video.

If the user can not install it, our company can send 1-2 professional engineers to install and operate on site.

Free components

Free warranty service

For all GREAT company equipment, we provide a certain period of free warranty service, within such period, if non-human failure of equipment components occurs , we will mail this spare part to the user for free, and mean while provide appropriate installation operation text and video guidance; if the user can not replace components on their own, our company can send professional engineer to guide on site;

Machine trouble shooting

Free inspection service

According to user requirements, for all factory production-line equipment and single equipment, our company after-sales service team provides free annual inspection service and reasonable equipment maintenance guidance.