Innovative Technologies

As a whole company with scientific research, production, sales and service, we have the capability of designing and developing machines,providing technical support,engineering design, workshop layout service to achieve intelligent control and automatic production according to customers' requirements.

Project R & D results

Project R & D results

Completed research project: hot air circulation drying oven, multilayer belt type hot air recycling technology development and application;Fruit and vegetable processing line, tunnel microwave belt dryer and sterilization with continuous production, multilayer continuous microwave vacuum drying new technology and equipment .

Project R & D results

GREAT scientific team

As a high - technology company, GREAT company owns a high efficient engineering technology team. Engineer Team consist of 16 outstanding engineers engaged in industrial microwave and hot air dryer for years. 6 of then are national senior engineer , 5 of them are doctoral degree, 5 of them are master's degree.

Great scientific research center

GREAT scientific research center

GREAT company existed research center: drying technology research center, industrial microwave equipment product standards testing center, Chinese fruit and vegetable processing standardization production technology .